Aligned to what matters

Company mission and vision

Teams are happier when they understand how their work aligns to the company mission. Increase productivity by aligning to the companies vision.

Find a common purpose

Objectives and Key Results

Set Objectives at the team and department level. Link it to the company measures of success and enhance how your teams collaborate and align to get work done.

Company Measures

Measure things that matter

Use the Company Measures to unite all your teams efforts, reducing confusion and rally around the company priorities.

Company Objectives

Easier when you know whats ahead

Get a better view of the companys objectives and drill down to the department and teams to see what has been prioritised and whats currently in progress.

Personal Objectives

Easy when you know

See what other team members are working on and know what you can do to help and collaborate. Jump into team member profiles to get an overview of their priorities.