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Profiles give you insight into who a person is. They display their main priorities, the teams they're a part of, what tasks they're currently focusing on, and the Projects they're engaged in. It's a snapshot of their role and activities within the organization.

Member list

Member allocations

A team leader or member can assess how much they or another team member can contribute to each project, considering priorities and available resources. They can do this by using a percentage allocation method. It's crucial for them to monitor the allocated capacity across all projects to prevent overcommitment.

Team and Member profile

A team profile serves as a public window, offering a glimpse into the team's purpose, responsibilities, and projects. Similarly, a member profile functions as a public window, showcasing each team member's roles, including their involvement in tasks and projects.

My profile

Your profile is a personalized hub housing all your projects, focused tasks, assignments, team sessions, and followed items. With Inbox it conveniently displays key notifications, allowing you to stay informed about current and past events within your team, project, or organization.

User profile inbox


The inbox centralizes all notifications relevant to you, ensuring you stay updated on recent events and easily catch up on anything missed since your last login.

My projects

"My Projects" provides a comprehensive list of all the projects you're involved in. It offers a convenient way to view your current workload, navigate between projects, and manage your capacity by monitoring the percentage you have allocated to each project.

My tasks

"My tasks" displays a categorized list of all your tasks, including what you're focusing on, your assigned tasks, and those you've created or completed. This transparency helps manage expectations and fosters focus for everyone involved.

My sessions

"My Sessions" provides a comprehensive list of all the team sessions you're involved in. This enables you to quickly navigate and contribute your thoughts and updates as needed, fostering better understanding within the team. It also facilitates collaborative improvement efforts, allowing you to voice your views and opinions in an action-oriented manner, thereby helping the team align, improve, and make continous progress.


"Following" enables you to stay updated on topics of interest, including projects, people, and teams. It ensures you don't lose sight of important matters and stay connected to what matters most to you.


Reports gather key details from Projects, Milestones, Workflows, Sessions, and tasks. Leaders can assess performance, identify trends, and track team activities and tasks easily. It simplifies information overload by providing curated, contextual data.

Stand up report

Sessions report

A sessions report compiles information on specific team interactions that includes team check-in assessments, retrospectives, and stand-up sessions. This report offers insights into the team's overall well-being, retrospective learnings, and daily stand-up updates.

It serves as a holistic tool for leaders to gauge team dynamics, address challenges, celebrate successes, and ensure effective communication across various formats.


Updates is a continuous flow of communications from Projects and Sessions. It's also a platform for anyone to share important updates that would be relevant to the team. This makes it easy to stay informed and communicate crucial information effectively.

Organizational updates

Team updates

Team updates serve as a way for teams to stay informed about their activities and to announce anything important or relevant for the group. It's a means of keeping everyone on the same page within the team.

Organizational updates

Organizational updates are messages shared by teams or individuals, including leaders or team members, that contain information relevant to the entire organization. Imagine it as a post where you write something noteworthy and share it with everyone in the organization. It's a way to keep everyone informed about important happenings.

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