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InOrbit features


InOrbit brings your projects to life. Collaborate on anything, organize tasks, and track progress from start to finish. Share projects seamlessly, define roles, and stay updated with clear milestones. Break down complex goals into achievable stages for focused teamwork and successful project delivery.

Project status


Milestones are like Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your project. Use them as checkpoints for project progress and sharing helpful information that guides everyone in making smarter decisions that are strategically aligned to the project.

Project milestone


Breakthrough projects are built on a foundation of successful tasks. Just as a complex building is constructed brick by brick, impactful marketing campaigns are achieved through the completion of well-defined tasks. These tasks are the essential building blocks, assigned to team members to ensure focused progress towards the overall project goal.

Task list


Sessions are organized activities that make it easy for you to participate without needing to know all the details. They also help bring together everyone's input, saving you the trouble of putting it all together.

Team check-in

Foundational sessions

For every team on InOrbit we will provide default sessions for your teams. We will have Stand ups, Retrospectives, and Team check-in. These sessions provide a structured way to report on the health of the team members and their projects.

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