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InOrbit empowers teams to collaborate, track progress, and communicate seamlessly. With dedicated workspaces, you can assign tasks, manage roles, and ensure everyone's aligned towards shared goals.

Team overview


Identify the leaders within the team. They are typically the individuals who hold positions of authority or have been designated as leaders by the team or orgaization. They often play a key role in guiding and making decisions for the team.


Easily see who is on your team. You can quickly check their profiles to see what they're currently working on, their main priorities, which Sessions they're participating in, and any other teams they're a part of. This gives you a good overview of their activities and responsibilities.


Team tasks are compiled from Sessions or any other tasks specifically assigned to the team members. It provides a straightforward way to see what everyone on the team is currently working on or has been assigned to do.


InOrbit uses percentages to show team member availability on projects. This lets managers see workload balance and individual commitments. But remember, percentages reflect availability, not guaranteed output. To optimize workload, managers consider both availability and team member capabilities. This proactive approach ensures teams have the right resources to deliver projects on time and budget.

Member project overview with capacity

External connections

Our platform enhances project and team management by leveraging various types of external connections. Whether collaborating with freelancers, consultants, partner organizations, or industry experts, these connections improve communication, boost project efficiency, and bring diverse perspectives to the table.

Company profile

External company profiles centralize project information, including guest members and their assigned work. This fosters clear visibility for all project members. You can easily see who's been invited, manage guest access to projects, and understand each guest's responsibilities. This eliminates guesswork and simplifies dependency and coordination, boosting overall collaboration and efficiency.

Organisation Members Guests List

Guest members

Our platform enhances teamwork by enabling collaboration with external members through the Guest feature. This tool fosters seamless communication, boosts project efficiency, and welcomes diverse input and perspectives. With robust security measures, external partners can contribute effectively, ensuring smooth project management and the achievement of shared goals.

Project Members Guest

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