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A team is a group of members working together to achieve common outcome. Its a dedicated workspace on InOrbit to collaborate, assign tasks, track progress, and communicate effectively. Each member has specific roles and permissions, ensuring smooth coordination and alignment towards project outcomes.

Team overview


Identify the leaders within the team. They are typically the individuals who hold positions of authority or have been designated as leaders by the team or orgaization. They often play a key role in guiding and making decisions for the team.


Easily see who is on your team. You can quickly check their profiles to see what they're currently working on, their main priorities, which Sessions they're participating in, and any other teams they're a part of. This gives you a good overview of their activities and responsibilities.


Team tasks are compiled from Sessions or any other tasks specifically assigned to the team members. It provides a straightforward way to see what everyone on the team is currently working on or has been assigned to do.


Within Inorbit's project management system, capacity allocation uses percentages to represent a team member's availability to contribute to a project. This provides transparency on individual commitments and the overall project workload. However, it's important to remember that these percentages reflect availability rather than a guaranteed output. Effective capacity management still involves considering resource capabilities (skills and experience) and potential workload constraints. By understanding both availability (percentage) and capability, project managers can achieve better workload balancing and identify potential resource limitations. This proactive approach ensures teams have the resources they need to deliver successful projects on schedule and within budget.

Member project overview with capacity


Sessions are organized activities that make it easy for you to participate without needing to know all the details. They also help bring together everyone's input, saving you the trouble of putting it all together.

Team sessions

Foundational sessions

For every team on InOrbit we will provide default sessions for your teams. We will have Stand ups, Retrospectives, and Team check-in. These sessions provide a structured way to report on the health of the team members and their projects.


A stand-up Session is a quick daily team meeting where everyone gives updates on what tasks they've done and what tasks they're doing next. It's a way to stay coordinated and address challenges together.


A team retrospective session is a structured meeting where team members reflect on their recent work and experiences. They discuss what went well, what could have been improved, and any changes they'd like to make going forward. The goal is to learn from past experiences and collaboratively identify tasks to enhance teamwork, processes, and outcomes in future projects.

Teach Check-in

A team check-in session is a survey-based evaluation of key attributes, where team members provide feedback on various aspects related to their work. This process yields a report summarizing how individuals vote on these attributes, offering insights into the team's perspectives and tasks for improvement.

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